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What is Vanced MicroG APK?

Vanced MicroG is a modified version of the YouTube app for Android that has gained huge popularity in the Android community. It blocks all ads within YouTube, allows background play, enables a true dark mode, and adds other useful features – creating an excellent ad-free YouTube experience completely for free. 

But the key difference from regular Vanced is that MicroG allows you to log into your Google account within the app. This lets you access your YouTube subscriptions, watch history, playlists, recommendations, and other account-dependent features. It provides the full YouTube experience without any compromises.

The Benefits and Features of Vanced MicroG

By installing the Vanced MicroG APK, you get a ton of benefits over the standard YouTube app:

No More Annoying Ads – It completely blocks all video ads, banner ads, and other ads within YouTube. This creates a much cleaner, distraction-free viewing experience.

Vanced MicroG APK

Background and Screen Off Playback – Listen to YouTube videos like a podcast or music in the background while doing other tasks, or even with your screen turned off. Standard YouTube restricts background play unless you get a paid Premium account.

Picture-in-Picture Support – You can pop your video into a small floating window and watch while multitasking. Very handy for tasks like browsing the web or texting while watching a video.

Dark Theme – It enables a true dark mode for watching YouTube at night or reducing eye strain. The dark theme looks slick too!

Volume Controls – You get more granular control over the volume levels within YouTube. The standard YouTube app’s volume controls are quite limited.

Login to Your Google Account – This is the key advantage of MicroG. You can access your subscriptions, watch history, playlists, recommendations, and other features tied to your Google account.

100% Free Experience – Get all of these benefits without paying a dime. No need to pay for a YouTube Premium subscription. Of course, you don’t get exclusive content or offline downloads, but the core viewing experience improves tremendously.

How to Install Vanced MicroG on Android

Installing Vanced MicroG takes a few more steps compared to regular Vanced, but it’s straightforward if you follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Vanced Manager APK from This is the official Vanced website, don’t use other sources.
  2. Install the Vanced Manager and open it. Grant the required permissions.
  3. Go to the Apps section within Vanced Manager. Look for Vanced MicroG and install it.
  4. Also install Vanced YouTube from the Apps section. 
  5. Once Vanced MicroG and Vanced YouTube are installed, open up Vanced YouTube.
  6. You’ll see an option to log into your Google account. Enter your credentials and enjoy!

Be sure to follow a video tutorial if you need a visual guide for the installation process. The extra couple of minutes is worth it for full Google account support.

Is Downloading Vanced MicroG Safe?

As long as you download directly from the official website, Vanced MicroG is completely safe to install. But you do have to enable “Allow from this source” in your Android settings to install apps outside of the Google Play Store. This is standard for installing any APK file manually.

Vanced MicroG APK

Only download from trusted sources. Unfortunately, there are sites hosting fake Vanced APKs with malware. Stick to the official and you can feel confident Vanced MicroG APK is safe. Hundreds of thousands use it with no issues.

YouTube Vanced has also not received any copyright complaints from Google. Many modded apps get shut down but Vanced has flown under the radar so far. 

How to Download

  • Go to
  • Click on the APK Downloads tab
  • Download the Vanced Manager APK
  • Follow the installation process above

Only download from official, not other sites.

File Details

  • Current version: 2022 v17.03.38
  • Works on Android 5.0 and above
  • App size: about 50MB
  • Supports multiple languages

The Bottom Line

For any frequent YouTube watcher on Android, installing the Vanced MicroG APK is one of the best investments you can make. It removes the most annoying aspects of the YouTube experience while retaining all the core functionality – and you never have to watch another ad again! The ability to log in to your Google account makes it feel just like the real YouTube app too. 

Overall Vanced MicroG delivers virtually identical benefits to a paid YouTube Premium subscription but costs absolutely nothing. Every Android user who watches YouTube deserves to try this fantastic modded app. Just follow the installation instructions carefully and enjoy ad-free YouTube with extra handy features unlocked!


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